NOVEMBER 25, 2023

Philé brings the special into the everyday, with luxurious basics designed to improve the journey of every young family. This is our curation of the very best pieces to gift this holiday season.

We’ve got something for the expecting and new parents, for a baby’s very first trip around the sun, and all the eager children counting their sleeps in bated anticipation.

Everything we create is gender inclusive and designed to keep forever, including the reusable packaging, made from cotton canvas and finished with a tie close – our take on the tradition of unboxing.

Baby’s first trip around the sun

A forever gift for the one they'll never remember, and you'll never forget. 


For the parents...

Our go-to baby bag, practically perfect in every way.

For the children counting their sleeps

From the practical to the amusing, these gifts will inspire the imagination and create magical moments.


The stocking fillers

Fun little bits to surprise and delight.