Filling Guide

1. Phone a friend – filling with bean bag filling is a 2-person job.

2. Grab the cotton insert and open the safety zips using a safety pin.

3. Fill in a plugged (dry & empty) bathtub or an enclosed area to contain any spillage.

4. Fill the smaller (backrest) compartment of the cotton insert first. Fill the larger (base) compartment last.

5. As you are filling, pause to close the zip and gently shake the beans into place, then re-open and repeat until full.



- A large funnel and a jug may be helpful for pouring the filling into the opening.

-  Over time, the beans will condense and you may wish to top it up.



We recommend filling your Lounger with approximately 150-170 litres of bean bag filling. You can buy the standard polystyrene variety from all major retailers (Kmart, Big W, Target, Spotlight) or you can opt for a more sustainable alternative like plant-based Envee beans, natural latex, edible beans and rice, cotton, wool, sawdust, or buckwheat hulls.