Maddy Trueman's Lactation Cookies

Maddy Trueman's Lactation Cookies

Maddy Trueman is the mum everyone wishes was in their new parents group. A walking talking Mary Poppin's bag of ideas and inspiration to nourish a pre and postpartum body, and later a growing baby – her passion for food and whole ingredients is contagious.

Maddy is in fact a professional wholefood cook, recipe developer, food developer and food stylist, and early last year, she published her first e-book, Every Nourishment, dedicated to easy, nutrient-dense recipes, tips and tricks. A must for any seasoned or new-parent!

Maddy was kind enough to share with us her recipe for the most deliciously crisp and chewy Honey Tahini Dark Chocolate Cookies. Make a batch for yourself or any expecting friends - we promise they won't disappoint.


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"Sesame seeds and tahini are natural galactagogues – foods that promote an increase in breast milk production. Enjoy these cookies as the perfect lactation snack – or simply as a delicious afternoon treat.” – Maddy