Her Kind

Her Kind

On this day, March 8, we celebrate us. Women.

When I reflect as a female founder, just two generations ago, my own grandmother could have never dreamed of the freedoms I enjoy today, building a business that fulfils my passion while raising two fierce little girls alongside my supportive husband. Yet just last week, an appalling report was released revealing the lingering disparity in pay women are still enduring. So while we celebrate how far we have come, we must also renew our collective commitment to continue achieving equality. 

This year's unique message: 'invest in women, to accelerate progress' is something I've committed Philé to since we launched six years ago. I'm incredibly proud of the female talent we've collaborated with - photographers, designers, consultants, and talent. We will continue to champion women in all facets of our business, because I believe in lifting other women up. Because I know her battles. Because I know her self doubt. Because I know her burdens. Because I know her kind. In the words of poet Anne Sexton, I have been her kind. 

Happy International Women's Day to you all. 

Anna x

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