Behind the Baby Bag...

Behind the Baby Bag...

In our humble opinion, shopping for a new baby should be a special experience. Nine months of slowly and consciously building out a foundation of hard-working and hard-wearing basics that will see you and your newborn through to toddlerhood and beyond. We believe it takes time to find, research, and commit to the things that will make your life easier as a parent, and a Baby Bag is one of the most important purchases you'll make. 

It is a new parent’s ticket to freedom. It is the carry-all of parenthood. A Mary Poppins bag of wonders containing all that you would ever need out in the real world with your baby.

Anyone who has had a baby knows that the best Baby Bags need to be durable but lightweight, roomy but compact, fashionable but timeless. And so we guarantee that every part of this bag has been considered, tried and tested.

We hope you love it. In fact, we know you'll love it. 

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More than a bag, this is your portable baby station, designed to carry all the essentials necessary to care for newborns when out and about.

Recycled nylon uses waste that would otherwise be polluting our oceans or sitting in landfills forever, and repurposes it into a sustainable and durable material. Manufacturing it also requires significantly fewer steps compared to the conventional process used for virgin nylon. This difference has a serious impact on the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and
excessive water consumption.

More than being eco-friendly, recycled nylon is strong, water-resistant and machine washable.

Travel Changing Mat

Complementing the Baby Bag is our plush extra-padded Travel Changing Mats, made from the same 100% Recycled Nylon outer and inner fabric for changing nappies on the go.

The fabric is water resistant so parents can easily wipe or throw straight in the wash.