Welcoming Londji

Welcoming Londji

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Finding like-minded brands who share in our philosophy but also inspire us to do better is always a treat. Brands like Londji, born in Spain in 2004, and paving the way forward for the sustainable toy and game market.  

Founders Albert and Pere Giró Puigdemont, cousins and friends with a shared passion for the African continent, began their journey in 1999 by importing African crafts to Europe. This soon evolved into creating an original collection that took heavy inspiration from the traditions of the past. Classic toys and games are given the Londji treatment, infused with their own quirky personality and nuances that make them unique and new. 

Today, their toys and games are very much built on personal values of sustainable craftsmanship and a deep reverence for the environment, hopefully conveyed to the children who play with them all over the world.

Classic games have a great capacity to amuse, excite and at the same time add value through the game itself.” - Pere Giró Puigdemont


Building a sustainable business is of paramount concern to the founders, and it sits at the heart of every facet of Londji. In the first place, they manufacture their toys locally in Banyoles, Spain, using craftspeople from the area, thus avoiding the environmental cost of transporting goods from distant countries. They only use paper and wood of European origin and from responsible sources, and any cardboard used is recycled, making a product that is entirely recyclable itself once its life is over. All the energy used in the Londji facilities comes from renewable sources, and the materials left over from production are classified and offered free of charge to schools and social projects in the Banyoles area, avoiding waste.


Beyond the manufacturing process, Londji is equally as invested in creating local jobs and wealth in their own community, while also guaranteeing the team works within a decent and respectful economic environment with a non-hierarchical structure.

And while the ethics of this business make our hearts flutter, the puzzles and games they create are unequivocally beautiful and the quality unlike anything we have seen. A Londji puzzle will keep both you and your kids entertained for hours on end, while a Londji stacking game will prompt you to use your own imagination and creativity to stack the characters up limitless ways.

We are so proud to announce that we are now stocking a limited collection of our favourite Londji puzzles and games now available to order.

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