Luxury Communications Manager Kate Bucceri on Setting Work Boundaries & the Occasional Ice-Cream for Dinner

In this series, we speak with mothers from all walks of life, raising children their way… 


It’s hard not to draw parallels between Sydney-based luxury communications manager Kate Bucceri and the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Both impeccably dressed women working in communications for iconic design houses, the similarities are uncanny. 

Over the past few years, Kate has earned a reputation for her daily outfit posts showing an expertly curated capsule wardrobe that gives us that much needed motivation to veto the leggings for more noble pieces. In amongst the elegant dinner parties and travel, Kate is also growing a gorgeous family with her husband on the unspoiled northern beaches, with a busy little toddler Gio and another on its way. 


Despite having her fair share of time challenges, Kate seems to have attained that oh so elusive ‘balance’ we all seek, maintaining a healthy set of boundaries that keep her engaged to her family while still maintaining her dream job. We spoke to her about the ways she connects with son Gio, struggles with the routine (and lack of), and how she gets back to herself.

"I think the routine was my way of staying in control but I have slowly let this need go... It won't hurt him to have ice cream for dinner and go to bed late once in a while."

How old is your child and what is his name? Can you describe him a little?

Gio is nearly three years old and to sum him up he is just a bundle of energy, sunshine and happiness. He loves the limelight and being the center of attention which is the sweetest thing to witness. He loves anything water related and is passionate about chocolate, superheroes and performing his own stunts! 

How would you sum up your parenting style?

I would say initially I was quite strict when it came to routine but have relaxed a little bit as he has gotten older. I think the routine was my way of staying in control but I have slowly let this need go. My husband is great at making me realise it won't hurt him to have ice-cream for dinner and go to bed late once in a while.

How do you balance motherhood with your career?

It’s a constant juggle and no week is ever easy but somehow you make it work. I try to always prioritise my family, so it does make it easier to say no to things or leave when you need to without guilt. In saying that work is so important to me, I just wouldn’t feel like myself if I wasn’t working.

What are your favourite ways to connect with Gio?

Weekends are purely family time. We really prioritise spending time with each other and constantly engaging together as a connected unit. We love going to the beach, reading books together and playing in the yard.

How would you describe Gio's style?

If Gio had his way, everything would be Spiderman themed. But I would say Gio’s style is bright, colourful and happy like his personality! His room reflects this too with lots of bright pops especially through the artwork – it’s like a mini gallery. 

How do you take time out for yourself?

I am currently 8 months pregnant so trying to slow down a bit and focus on myself before baby number 2 arrives. My husband is great at dividing up the parenting duties so if I have any time to myself I love to just chill out with a bath, listen to a podcast or watch something trashy on TV – the ultimate treat! When I have my energy back I am looking forward to walking on the beach with my dog.