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Montarna Pitt on Style, Balance and Raising Girls

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Montarna Pitt is a mother to two vibrant little girls, Parker and Paityn, founder of Sydney PR firm the Audience Agency, and a guidebook to what’s hot and what’s not for countless style disciples who look to her for career, travel, home, and fashion inspiration. This isn’t our first time visiting Montarna’s charming Paddington terrace, but this is our first time seeing her in proper mum mode, playing on the floor of her impossibly chic nursery with her giggling, doting girls. We focused our conversation on this very topic - motherhood, and all it encompasses for a perpetually busy mum.

Can you tell us a little about your children?

I have two girls, Parker who’s three and Paityn who just turned one. There are certainly no wallflowers in my house, both girls have been big personalities from a young age. 

Parker is an old soul; she’s definitely been here before. She’s got serious spunk, very empathetic, kind and she has a wicked sense of humour. Paityn is still very young so not talking yet, but already she’s such a character. She loves to dance and is Parker’s biggest cheerleader. There is nothing better than watching the two of them grow and find themselves and seeing their relationship flourish. 

Montarna Pitt

How would you sum up your parenting style?

Generally relaxed. Everything in balance and moderation but I’m strict on sleep routines and manners.

How do you balance motherhood with your career?

I’m still working on finding ‘balance’, to be honest, and the weeks never turn out quite to plan – a sick little one, random sleep regression or big work project can throw all organisation out of the window. But as the girls get older we are definitely into more of a rhythm and I love the contrast between time with them playing and exploring, and then switching into work mode and using the other side of my brain. It really makes me live in the moment at all times and be militant about prioritising.

Montarna Pitt

What is your favourite way to connect with your girls?

The girls and I almost always start the day together in bed for about 10 minutes for cuddles and a debrief on their nights and dreams. It’s the best way to wake up, and I really feel like I’m starting the day on my terms doing something that matters dearly to me.

Do your girls have their own style?

In the beginning when we just had Parker and she was a baby, I was in charge of her style and it was a mini extension of mine – but now at three she is very much the boss of how she looks each day! I would say Parker is a girly girl in that she loves pink, fairy wings, tutus and fun hairstyles but comfort is key for her, she has to be able to play easily in whatever she’s wearing. Little Paityn hasn’t expressed her style yet and she’s currently wearing all her sister’s preloved clothes with a few choice purchases along the way. Paityn also has a fabulous holiday wardrobe as we’ve been out of lockdown since she was born. The room décor is still my domain, but I’m sure by the time Parker starts school she’ll want to make her mark on her space. 

Montarna Pitt

How do you take time out for yourself?

My daily non-negotiable is a hot bath in the evenings with a face mask and my favourite candle burning. At the end of a busy day where I’m with people – colleagues, clients, my kids and family – this is time just for me to wind down physically and mentally.

Montarna Pitt

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