Unpacking the Nappy Bag. Four mothers, four lists.

Let’s be real, just about any tote, satchel, or duffle can serve as a diaper bag. But ask a new parent about their experience with the aforementioned and they’ll undoubtedly have a list of improvements. That’s the thing about baby bags, it’s very hard to know what you need in one until it becomes an indispensable part of your life.

This sums up the conception of the Philé Baby Bag, as founder Anna Vidovic learnt the hard way that her designer tote was too heavy to strap onto her Babyzen Yoyo, lacked the zippers and pockets to hold all the bottles and bits, and was far too big to fit in the pram's undercarriage.    

Functionality is at the crux of any good do-it-all diaper bag, and that was the goal when designing this collection. Essential elements like a built-in changing mat, pouches, and pockets aplenty to keep you well-stocked and organised on the go, and a lightweight and durable fabric that won’t give you neck pain and is easy to wipe down.  

So, you’ve got the bag, now what to fill it with? We asked four of our mum friends to unpack their Philé Baby Bags.

Functionality is at the crux of any good do-it-all diaper bag

Alexandra Whiting, content editor at the Memo and mother of four-year-old August and three-month-old Inès. This is what she packs for a full day out of swimming lessons, park play and pram naps.

Wet ones, nappies, sunscreens (aplenty), hand sanitiser, multiple lip balms, a face mask for doctors’ appointments, a pen, Berocca, a change of clothes or two, a swaddle, a bib, a reusable wet bag for soiled nappies and clothes by the Nappy Society, cloths for spit ups, the Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine, an emergency dummy kept in the nipple shield cases, a pair of Ladybug Silicone Breast Milk Collectors for any leaky milk as my supply settles in, a Nanbebe Breastmilk Bottle I’m trying for feeding on the go.

Denise White, operating room nurse and founder of Soho Inspired Body Pilates is also mum to the very cute, nearly one-year-old Richie. This is what she packs for a full day out in Bondi together.

Nappies, wet wipes, a hair clip, some hand sanitiser, a muslin, a spare set of baby clothes, disposable nappy bags, my glasses, a b.box water bottle, aSubo bottle+ snacks (which usually includes someBoob to Foodbanana bread), three spare bibs (he’s currently teething), my wallet, some Papaw ointment and keys.

Amélie Cazzulino, founder of Bare Mum and mother to beautiful baby Gabrielle who arrived only recently. Her Philé Baby Bag is always along for the ride when they leave the house.

Tom’s wipes and nappies, a Sophie teether, a tonne of burp clothes, a swaddle, someBare Mum breast pads, a bottle of water, a change of clothes, Gabrielle's blue book and someBare Mum nipple balmwhich doubles as lip balm.

Anna Vidovic, founder of Philé is mum to three-year-old Renata, and due to give birth to her little brother or sister any minute now. This is what she’s packed for her looming hospital stay.

An heirloom woollen blanket knitted by her Grandmother, a Philé swaddle and bib, a couple of merino onesies from Nature Baby, a Love to Dream Swaddle, a Moulin Roty Comforter, some Ecoriginals nappies and Water Wipes.