Magic Beach. A Day of Classics & Creativity

Magic Beach. A Day of Classics & Creativity

Posted by Anna Lavdaras on

Discover all the behind-the-scenes action from our recent excursion to Coalcliff, a tiny village perched on the South Coast of NSW, just north of Wollongong. The air here is thick with salt and the endless blues of the ocean bleed into the sky. It is the perfect setting for Alison Lester's next book... Images all by Sophie Brockwell. 

The crew consisted of a heavily pregnant founder, Anna Vidovic, a supremely assiduous assistant, Sarah Stern, and photographer aka creative chaperon, Sophie Brockwell. 

The brief? To capture the classics of our core collection against this dramatic rocky landscape that encapsulates the raw beauty of the Australian coastline. 

The soft cotton, linen, cashmere and wool textures are at odds with the sharp, unforgiving concrete and rock backdrop. While cloud-filtered sunlight paints the natural fibres with warmth, the ocean air breathes life into feather-light cottons, lifting swaddles into the air with gusto.

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