Carissa Walford has worn many labels in her life. Mother is the most interesting one yet.

In this series, we talk to mothers about parenting, career and style.


TV presenter, producer, journalist, model, singer, dancer, coach – Carissa Walford is not afraid of a career pivot. After 15 years working in entertainment, she combusted her successful career to rebirth and emerge as a coach, guiding other creatives, entrepreneurs, and women (not unlike herself) who similarly hope to cultivate a life more aligned with their values. Carissa’s latest pivot is quite literally a rebirth – becoming a mother to a precious baby girl called Rumi. We spoke to her about the journey to motherhood.

"It’s beautiful and brutal. The love bubble bursts and reality sets in."

Can you please introduce yourself?

Carissa Walford. I’m a mother, sister, daughter, lover, and friend. I’ve had many labels over the years, tv host, model, singer, dancer and today I coach creatives, entrepreneurs and women who are dedicated to living authentically in all aspects of their life. Consciously creating a life that’s aligned to your unique values and gifts. 

How old is Rumi?

Rumi is a few weeks old. We are getting to know each other. I can tell she’s an old soul with a sensitive heart.

"Parenting to myself and my partner is about being their guide."

How would you sum up your parenting style?

Parenting to myself and my partner is about being their guide. Holding space for Rumi to evolve into the human she already is rather than controlling who we think she should be. It’s our honour to watch her grow. 

How are you adjusting as a new mother? Is it what you imagined?

It’s brutal and beautiful. The love bubble bursts and reality sets in. I’m not here to romanticise this journey, rather be real and raw about the challenges of adjusting to motherhood. 


We need mothers to be more truthful about the emotional, physical, and mental experiences. Pregnancy for me was a spiritual journey where I was faced with opportunities to be the best version of myself. Letting go of past pain, trauma, and stepping fully into my feminine power. Birth was transformative and now in postpartum. I’m being asked to surrender and be on Rumi’s timeline, rather than control (trying to implement a routine). The lesson for me is to really connect and tune into her cues and needs and put mine aside. 


From learning to feed, parent and communicate - everything is uncharted territory so I’m being kind to myself as I birth a new version of me. 

Have you taken time off work?

I’m privileged and grateful to have the space and time to be fully present in this season of my life with Rumi. It’s all about surrendering to this role as mumma, my biggest job yet. I run an online business so working with clients and running courses revolve around my schedule. 


I worked in television/media for over a decade (Foxtel Channel [V] ) and Intentionally created my life in a way that financially allowed me to take time off.

How do you plan to juggle motherhood with your career?

I don’t intend to juggle. Not right now. I personally wanted to give my full attention to Rumi and also myself becoming a parent without having to think about being anywhere else or energetically spreading myself thin. 

How do you take time out for yourself?

My hour-long meditation practice is no longer, but I figure it’s in those small moments where I bring awareness to my breath or try to be present in the mundane household duties. A shower is a privilege these days and so is going to the toilet. Newfound appreciation for small moments of solo time.