The enchanting life of Georgia Byrne

The enchanting life of Georgia Byrne

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In this series, we talk to mothers about parenting, career and style.


The ocean is her baby’s white noise, the sand is her toddler’s playground, and the moment is where Georgia Byrne likes to live. Raising two little boys by the beach, she is very much content taking time away from her career as a content creator at Peony to celebrate the small wins and soak up these special times as a new family of four. 

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Georgia Byrne, but everyone calls me G. I’m 28, raising two little boys by the sea with my husband Jacob. I am currently on maternity leave from my role in marketing and content creation at peony.

Tell us a little about your boys

My eldest, Oliver is 2-and-a-half and my littlest, Noah is only 4 months. So far, they are such different bubs. The way they look, feed, sleep you name it! But they are both sweet little mamas boys and I am totally obsessed with them. Oli is kind, gentle and caring. He loves diggers and will happily play with them for hours, on his own or with friends - I love that about him. Noah is cheeky, smiley and finding his voice at the moment. I think we might have our hands full with this one haha.

'Although the days are long, the years are short and they are only little and dependent on you for such a short period. I feel so lucky to be able to spend this time with them.'

Could you sum up your parenting style?

I would say our parenting style is quite relaxed but we do thrive when in a good routine, especially a good sleep routine!

How are you adjusting as a new mother of two? 

I must admit that the adjustment from 1 to 2 has been harder than I anticipated. There really is no down time and it’s very much divide and conquer at the moment between my husband and I. We take each day as it comes, celebrate the small wins and try to soak up these special times as a new family of four. 

Have you taken time off work?

Yes, I have taken 12 months off work to spend with little Noah bear, I did the same with Oli too. It is such a privilege to be able to do this and I do not take it for granted. Although the days are long, the years are short and they are only little and so dependent on you for such a short period of time. I feel so lucky to be able to spend this time with them.


How do you juggle motherhood with your career?

It really is just that, a juggle! For me personally, taking time away from my career to raise my boys has been such a beautiful reset. After having Oli, I returned to work two days a week and he went to kindy on those days. I loved my days in the office, it was such a nice change of pace. Getting a little dressed up, seeing my beautiful work colleagues, being creative and stretching my brain. It helped that Oliver absolutely loved going to kindy so I knew he was having the best days while I was working. Having children really puts everything into perspective and realigns your priorities when you do return to the workforce.


What are your favourite ways to connect with your children?

Whenever we need a reset or change of scenery, we always head to the beach. There is nothing better than fresh air and sand under the toes. Both boys love the ocean, Oliver spends hours playing in the sand and Noah drifts off in the carrier to the sound of the ocean; the perfect natural white noise machine.

Do your boys have a style?


At the moment, I still get to choose what they wear each day but I’m sure this will change sometime in the near future. I would say their style is coastal and fun. The boys wardrobe is a mix of vintage denim, simple printed tees, oversized knitwear and comfy trackies. I love anything Nature Baby and find these pieces really do last, I’m definitely about quality over quantity! The same goes for their room décor. Their rooms are pretty simple but feel so cozy and warm. One of my favourite features is a beautiful handmade ceramic mobile. It dances in the afternoon sun and we’ve spent countless hours staring up at it from the feeding chair, moments I will always cherish.


What do you do for self-care?


My ultimate self care indulgence would always be a facial. They leave me feeling so refreshed and relaxed and are such a treat these days. But on a more daily basis… a hot coffee, at home pilates workout or dip in the ocean always fill up my cup!


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