A Moment with

Emma Jarman

Commas is not just a resort wear brand. It is so much more than that. It is the essence of beach-adjacent city living, built on a foundation of hardworking, well made separates that can serve you well beyond the promenade. This is why the label has been quietly but wholly co-opted by a female fashion cohort. Who cares if it’s sized for men. It’s no secret we interchange our wardrobes with our partners well beyond the months of pregnancy. Whose white shirt am I wearing anyway? And at the very pinnacle of this unofficial members club sits Emma Jarman. Officially, she is the Communications Director of Commas. Unofficially, she is a muse to many (us included). Refined, unfussed, and cool. Pregnancy and motherhood barely made a ripple in her aesthetic.

We hand-delivered Emma some of her favourite Philé pieces, and she answered our questions in return. Read on for the details…

How do you juggle motherhood with your career?

Returning to work was like the old me, met the new me, to make an even newer, better me! I have a lot of respect for this new woman and the way she navigates her world. Becoming a parent has made me calmer, think bigger, become more compassionate, and feel more inspired. There’s not much I don’t love about being a working mum, except perhaps operating on WAY less than ideal amount of sleep.