As we all face the daily challenges of living with the threat of coronavirus, there is an urgent humanitarian crisis happening across the equator.

Refugees cannot wash their hands regularly when they share one tap with 1300 other people. Refugees cannot self-isolate when they live in overcrowded camps. Refugees cannot depend on proper medical help when they have little or no access to healthcare.

We may have it tough, but they have it tougher. We aren’t a huge business, but we feel a need to help.

PHILÉ pledges to donate 1% from each sale to Help Refugees. They are a small and agile charity who provide emergency aid to where the need is greatest. 89% of donated money made to Help Refugees ends up on the frontline, unlike other large organisations who have huge administration costs.

Every dollar donated will go towards providing vital aid to people fleeing war, persecution and climate change.

Thanks to you!

Image by Saskia Wilson from her body of work entitled 'The Last Resort'.