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Linen Waffle Towel Set | PHILE Australia

Images by Daphne Nguyen @daphnenguyen__

To put it simply, we now do towels. 

The PHILÉ philosophy remains: simple yet serviceable home essentials made from quality fabrics. This time though, we mean to redecorate your bathroom. 

Our towels come in sets of three, and include a Bath Sheet, Hand Towel and Washcloth, all made from linen & cotton in a luxurious waffle weave.

The towels are pictured here in portraits captured by the talented Sydney born-and-based Daphne Nguyen... 

Daphne Nguyen for PHILE

Linen and cotton, like cashmere, are high quality fibres that have been used for thousands of years. They are durable, breathable and above all, natural. Not only do they improve with age, softening with each wash, but they are also intrinsically antimicrobial so there's no risk of  mildew or funky smells. The plush waffle weave also allows for better airflow, meaning your towels dry fast. 

Made from OEKO-TEX certified fabric, our towels are completely free from harmful chemicals. They are manufactured as naturally and ethically as possible in Lithuania. 

Shop them here while you can.

Daphne Nguyen for PHILE

Daphne Nguyen for PHILE

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