The art of adding a scarf

Less is so much more.

The Noughties – an epoch long undervalued for its fashion permanence – was a masterful example of pairing modernity with simplicity. A silk slip dress, a pointed mule, and a splash of your boyfriends cologne was the definitive evening ensemble.

A chill in the air called for one additional element, a cashmere scarf – or pashmina –artfully draped over ones shoulders, held in place by a pair of casually crossed arms.

Sheer enough to pass through a wedding ring, the name originates in Persia. Pašmina, meaning ‘made from wool’ and literally translating to 'Soft Gold' in Kashmiri.

While it may have fallen out of favour en masse, the French never abandoned their affection for the cashmere scarf. Knotted around the neck, over a simple black dress, or better yet, paired with a white tee and blue jeans.

It is the indispensable item on every Francophile style guide, right there with cigarette pants and a tailored blazer.

Now thanks to Céline, Balenciaga and Acne Studios spring 18 collections, and our enduring fixation with Parisian fashion, the scarf is entering its second golden era.