A tribute to the colour pink

Even the most colour adverse of us can appreciate the colour pink. It’s a shade that represents caring, compassion and love. In reality, it’s fun, approachable, and instantly lifts the mood of whichever room its in. High fashion embraced it first in the spring/summer of 2017, and it soon after expanded far beyond this world, splashing into interiors and homewares. It practically played its own character in Wes Anderson’s epochal film Grand Budapest Hotel, and was crowned reigning champion of all the colours by Pantone in 2016. Time has passed, but pink remains. Here is our homage to the feminine shade...

Pink Cashmere Baby Blanket Personalised | PHILE Australia

Clockwise from left to right: inside E-1027 the home of Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici; Pink on Pink (1953) by Mark Rothko; PHILÉ by Daphne Nguyen.

Pink baby blanket 100% Cashmere | PHILE Australia

Clockwise from left to right: pink Murano glass chandelier from 1st dibs; fall 2012 campaign for Céline; home in Malibu.  

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