A moment with

Liana Shaw-Taylor

Liana Shaw-Taylor has an honest brand of humour that makes instant friends out of strangers. She's candid in her mission to live her absolute truth, working as a means to enjoy as much uninterrupted time with her two young children, Johnny and Penelope.

Her love of colour and texture shades every element of her life, from the native garden she's cultivated in her backyard, to the restored and reimagined mid-century Wahroonga home that plays backdrop to her life.

We basked in the sunlight streaming in through her enormous windows while she answered our questions.

On what you do?

I am a stay-at-home mum, full time child negotiator and part time graphic designer.

Do you like to plan or rather go with the flow?

Tricky question. I set out to own a home at a young age, but you can’t purpose build a family with kids. You can choose to have kids but the ones you get are luck of the draw, born with their own little individual personalities. You also can’t plan what kind of parent you will be or how your life will shape out afterwards. I no longer care about a lot of things I used to care about, like wearing clean clothes. Haha. 

What is your creative outlet?

I am still trying to work this one out. I love painting, I love DIY-ing things around the house, I love creating meals from three ingredients and arranging florals from my beautiful native garden.

You’re refreshingly honest about your experiences being a mum. Tell me more about this.

I have always been honest with all of my life experiences. If my experience and journey help one other person feel comfortable in theirs, then I’ve done my job. What you see is what you get with me. I went into parenthood with a very different idea to the reality that is my life right now and wish people had been more honest with me! 


Do you reference any parenting resources?

Instagram has helped me understand so much. I’ve noticed a lot more honesty on there now as the thirty-somethings have become parents. There’s also so much science-based information that is really quite accessible. Despite all this, I am on my own quest to shift my ideas on what parenting is and make it about being honest with myself, my partner and my kids. 

How do you deal with all of the questions that come with raising children?  

If my gut tells me it’s not right or if there’s something I don't understand, I research, research, research. Information is all. I don’t care if you’re a GP, a Paed, a surgeon or a barista. No one tells me how to raise my kids, except maybe my best friend because I trust she will be more informed than myself.

What do you do to get grounded? 

Nothing. It’s terrible. I need more grounding and not daily grinding. I am exhausted! I need to find something to get reconnected that doesn’t involve me sitting in the bedroom with a glass of wine staring at a white wall. I am lucky to be surrounded by nature in my house and I think this helps, as well as my family and the small but mighty village that help me daily.  


Where do you look for inspiration? 

Instagram. God I love Instagram. It’s filled with so much good shit. I heavily curate my feed. At the moment it is all about child psychology, gentle parenting, interiors and mid-century inspiration. I have a no BS policy, if someone posts one thing I don’t align with, they’re cut from the feed.

Your latest project?

I planted a herb garden, and honestly it has made cooking for me so much easier. Johnny feels involved with the meal prep as he can go outside to pick the basil or thyme and sprinkle it in the pasta. I am a terrible grocery shopper, and never plan meals. I cook on a “what does mum feel like basis?” and the meals have never been described as "inspiring" but they're edible!