A moment with Jess Pecoraro

Jess Pecoraro - celebrity fashion stylist | PHILE Australia

Images by Kath Mclean @kathsbrightphotos

As far as multitasking goes, Jess Pecoraro has it all worked out. Between dressing a portfolio of celebrity clients, working on editorial and commercial fashion shoots, renovating a house in Sydney's Paddington, and preparing for her first child (the beautiful baby Harley), she's had quite the full schedule. And yes she's incredibly hardworking, but she's also one of the sweetest people you'll ever have the fortune of meeting. Two qualities that no doubt have contributed to making Jess one of the most in demand stylists in the business. 

Since leaving the world of glossy magazines - including the iconic Cleo magazine at which she worked for years - she's built a thriving freelance career that spans many different facets of the industry.

We took a tour of Harley's jungle-themed nursery and spoke about her journey in getting to this point.   

Jess Pecoraro - celebrity fashion stylist | PHILE Australia

Jess Pecoraro - celebrity fashion stylist | PHILE Australia

You've worked for years now as a freelance stylist. How did you build up your own personal business after leaving magazines? 

Leaving the world of magazines and going freelance was a huge step and risk which has definitely payed off now. I was very determined to stay in the industry and with time and lots of hustling, I was able to get my name out there.

What are the best parts of working for yourself?

There are pros and cons to working for yourself. I guess the biggest pro is having the opportunity to create your own schedule and work life. Yet when you have your own business, it's not a 9-5 job. It's 24/7 all day, everyday, even on holidays, so I never really switch off.

How does your job fulfill your creative side?

I love seeing a look or a shoot come to life. I'm lucky I get to do that every day with some of the industry's most respected and creative people. 

How would you define your personal style?

Classic and effortless.

Jess Pecoraro - celebrity fashion stylist | PHILE Australia

Where do you look for your fashion inspiration?

Everywhere! Blogs, Instagram, websites, people I meet, travelling, and of course magazines. 

How do you shop for your own wardrobe? 

Online, always. The only time I don't is when I am on holidays, when I tend to do a lot of my shopping. Otherwise I'm an online or a pre-order kind of girl. 

You have a beautiful home. What guided you through the renovation?

My husband and I love renovating homes, and our first source of inspiration is always the surroundings of the home. A lot of our inspiration came from all of the beautiful terrace homes around us. We wanted keep a classic style throughout the home, with the occasional more contemporary feature. 

Where did you look for inspiration?

When we travel we love staying in beautiful hotels and homes. We always seem to get ideas from these places which we take home and recreate when renovating. 

Jess Pecoraro - celebrity fashion stylist | PHILE Australia

Jess Pecoraro - celebrity fashion stylist | PHILE Australia

Is sourcing furniture similar to fashion?

Not at all, and I actually found it very hard. Our place has been finished for about 6 months now, yet I am still working on all the finishing touches. I think it takes time to make a house feel like a home, and at the moment I still feel it's unfinished. 

Where are your favourite places to source furniture and decor? 

My go-to places are Coco Republic, Jardan, Jonathan Adler, Vamp Vintage & Oly Studio.

Who are three designers inspiring you right now? 

Dion Lee, Daniel Lee at Bottega Venetta, and Maria Grazia Chiuri at Christian Dior. 

What’s on your wish list?

A Birken bag (the Mini Kelly) in red 

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