A moment with Georgia Martin

Georgia Martin My Flowerman Tamarama Sydney Florist | PHILE Australia

Images by Sophie Brockwell 

Tamarama is the beach-adjacent suburb neatly tucked between Bondi and Bronte. Ask anyone who has visited and they'll vouch that what it lacks for in notoriety it makes up for in community. The locals are as affable as they are fanatical about the surf, braving the tides July through to January and never passing another without extending a sincere salute.

In the heart of this suburb sits My Flowerman, part florist, part café, part gift shop and mandatory pitstop for Tama’s kinfolk. A visit is like a deep breath of fresh ocean air, with foliage and neutral blooms stacked high and handmade gifts lining the white-washed walls, all meticulously curated by part owner Georgia Martin.

Georgia Martin My Flowerman Tamarama Sydney Florist

On what she does -  
I co-own a florist and coffee bar in Tamarama called MyFlowerMan, a small business that my partner Kieran started years ago. I always worked across events and media communications (which is my background) though my role has certainly expanded since joining the business full-time two years ago. Any small business owner will tell you that you really do become everything and anything the business needs when it needs it, so we wear many hats. 
Her approach to floristry -
Our approach has always been to create beautiful arrangements that are simple and classic in design. We are minimal in our aesthetic and that translates into our approach when arranging or styling.
How does sustainability fit into this?
We have been working hard on becoming a more sustainable business, so that’s been changing how we approach everything including design. We preference local product so our work is based around what’s in season, and we also avoid working with foam or plastic so that changes how we arrange. It can be hard. Sometimes I want to work with the peonies from France using floral foam but we all have a responsibility. I believe this approach builds rather than reduces our offering, and makes every design decision a more considered one.
Georgia Martin My Flowerman Tamarama Sydney Florist

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The creative journey - 

I did not set out to be a florist, but I love what I do. The business was started by Kieran, so I very much followed his lead and learnt from him, but now I feel we have found a balance between both our styles, tastes and creative processes. We are aligned, however we do certain things differently and I feel like I’ve found my own creative identity. 

Part of being creative means to educate and adapt always. I think the moment when something doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore is when you need to mix it up and really re-evaluate. 

Her creative mediums - 

Flowers obviously, but I also believe creativity can come in many forms, even in the mundane tasks. I love trying new things like working with clay, drawing, painting, styling and have recently purchased a sewing machine so have big plans for lots of cushions ;) I guess it’s very fashionable at the moment to take up hobbies during COVID so I have certainly indulged in that. 

I love a creative business project and we have a few ideas in the works for MyFlowerMan, so working to create them has been really enjoyable. 

Georgia Martin My Flowerman Tamarama | PHILE

Where she looks for inspiration - 

When it comes to flowers and foliage I think their natural state is the most inspiring place to start. We don’t like to manipulate or change the natural shapes so we use their original form and go from there. I’m infatuated with ceramics or anything that stays true to a very natural form. Simple is always best in my book. 

Her aesthetic summed up - 

We like clean, minimal pieces in natural or light colours for both our home and shop space. Our shop is all white with a big natural ply bench, and the all the colour comes from the flowers, plants, artwork and homewares that fill the space, much like our home. 

Georgia Martin My Flowerman Tamarama | PHILE

Her three favourite labels -

I love Sarah Ellison, all her pieces are so beautiful and I really appreciate that lots are made to order. I also love Jardan, Den Holm and The Wood Room for their Australian-made offerings.

I’m very much a fan of second-hand pieces and follow lots of Instagram accounts including Curated Spaces, Modern Times, CCSS, but I also love an Etsy session for vintage vases and when I can physically trawl through vintage store like Mitchell Road antiques. 

Ceramics are also having a big moment and I’m completely in love. My favourite ceramists are three that we stock in store at MyFlowerMan, Clae Studios, Gretel Corrie and Love Ryan - I’m also determined to get my hands on a Sarah Nedovic lamp one day. 

Her daily rituals - 

Morning coffee, afternoon walks with our dog, evening baths. They are the three pillars of my day.  

Georgia Martin My Flowerman Tamarana Sydney | PHILE

What she’s consumed during COVID -

1. Call Me By Your Name - I recently re-watched this and it’s so perfect.

2. 'Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race' by Reni Eddo-Lodge - I actually listened to this via Audible which is the first book I have done that with and can highly recommend. Having the author read their book to you feels very intimate.

2. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - If you like Big Little Lies you’ll enjoy this. After watching I have actually started the book so which ever one you prefer to consume first. I normally prefer the book first but both are great. 

Women who inspire her - 

I’m lucky that I have such wonderful women around me who are constant inspirations and sources of motivation. Having that network is one of the greatest aspects of my life. 

Outside of my circle women who I love to listen to and read are Zadie Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Claire Press and Angela Davis. 

Georgia Martin Moodboard My Flowerman | PHILE

Image credits: Sarah Nedovic / Vessel by Tara Burke / Sarah Ellison for The Design Files / Vases by Tara Burke / My Flowerman / The Olympia Table by The Wood Room / Eny Lee Parker for Surface Magazine / Jedd Cooney for the Ayu / Emmanuel de Bayser for The Socialite Family / Illustration by Alicia Galer / Art by Claudia Carroll.